carousel manual

You can download our trial version and test the plugin. Download test
  1. After downloading the file “” comes into your wordpress administration, the plugin section and add a new plugin by upload. You can also install the plugin manually unzipping the zip file and uploading the folder “carousel-free-video-gallery” folder “your_wordpress/wp-content/plugins/”.
  3. After installing and activating the plugin in the menu of your wordpress administration will see a new button: “Ultimate video carousel”:
    • To create a new video gallery click “Create new gallerie”. You can create and delete as many galleries as you want.
    • To display the gallery you want within your pages or post type [ultimatepro ID /] where ID is the ID of the gallery to display. You see this code at the beginning of each gallery created.
    • If you want a gallery as a widget, you have the “Ultimate carousel” widget. Place it anywhere and select the gallery to display. Within each gallery you have the options of design, configuration and the list of videos.
    • The management of the videos is very simple, you can create and edit as many videos as you like within each gallery. To enter the video copy the url of the video. You can upload flv videos directly from your media library wordpress. Below the list of videos you have all the configuration options and design gallery.
    • Below the list of videos of each gallery you have the design and configuration options. You can change colors, text, thumbnails, measures and more things. The main measure of plugin parameters are:   
      • Plugin width. Number with px or% indicating the width of the gallery
      • Plugin height. With px or% number that indicates the height of the gallery
Download TEST Download REAL

The trial/test version is the same as the purchase but with a watermark. The video converter software not included with the plugin trial.

Compatible up to: 3.3.2