Flash video gallery plugin and widget for WordPress


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Create a wordpress gallery of videos on youtube and flv videos. Extremely easy to use, enter the url of the videos or youtube ID and that’s it.The thumbnails are created automatically. You configure the module as a function of your needs. You can put titles on the videos, set colors, rows of thumbnails and many more things.


1. Upload `ava-video-gallery` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Configure and create new video gallery in your WordPress Admin: ava Video
4. Place [`ava_video` ID /] in your Posts, where ID is the gallery ID.
5. Admin params:
  • Video URL. Write the url of your videos. You can write the url of the flv videos, the url of the videos on youtube or the ID of the videos from youtube. The first video would be the first line, the second video the second line …
  • Video Titles. Write the titles of your videos. The first video would be the first line, the second video the second line …
  • Gallery Width. Number indicating the width of the carousel. You can use a number in pixels or percentage. For example: 100% or 400px.
  • Gallery Height. Number indicating the height of the carousel. You must use a number with px. For example 400px.
  • Video Thumbnails row. Thumbnails row, number > 0
  • Video Thumbnails effect.Thumbnails mouse over animation.
  • Seo Tags. Hhtml tag.
  • Gallery Round. Plugin rounds.
  • Design color 1. Plugin color, format: ffffff(white), 000000(black)
  • Design color 2. Plugin color 2, format: ffffff(white), 000000(black)
  • Skin player. Player buttons.
  • Autoplay. Autoplay option.