Matrix gallery plugin for WordPress

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Compatible up to: 3.3.2

MATRIX GALLERY is a flash real 3D plugin/widget with an expectacular desing

  • You can create multiple galleries of images or menus to any size
  • Actionscript 3.0 and 3D technologies
  • You can use pictures of different sizes and the plugin automatically scale to the highest quality
  • Lightbox option to click on the photos
  • You can enter links and titles in pictures
  • Multiple configurations, you can create different 3D designs
Matrix Gallery is perfect to create:
  • 3D photo galleries
  • 3D portfolios
  • 3D menus
  • 3D slideshow
  • 3D headers
  • 3D banners
  • 3D catalogs for your products
  • All that you can imagine

Matrix Gallery can be used like module or widget in your wordpress sites. In this plugin, you can configure a lot of params like size, colors, background, links to your post or external sites, photos (if you want use like ajax gallery), number of rows or images tittles. Very easy to use, create a gallery is easier than never. You only have to write your image folder and automaticaly Matrix show all your photos.

  1. Upload `matrix-gallery` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory. (You can install using wordpress administration too)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your wordpress administration.
  3. Create and configure a new gallery in your WordPress admin. A new button is created in your wordpress admin: MATRIX (see admin params to configure it)
  4. To add a new item of Matrix you only have to write [`matrix-gallery` ID] in your post or pages, where ID is the gallery ID. (you can add several items in your wordpress)
  5. Enjoy it!!
★★★ Admin Params ★★★
  • Images Folder .- Your images folder. Upload images in this folder and automatically are shown in your Matrix. This images can be jpg, png or gif. VERY IMPORTANT: when you write your folder you don’t forget last “/”. Example: images1/. Default folder is wp-content/plugins/matrix-gallery/images/
  • Images size.- We recommend a value between 1 and 150. Bigger this value is , bigger photos are. Prove your own configuration to improve your Matrix
  • Speed.- Speed of the movement of carousel. We recommend a number between 0.1 and 5. Bigger this value is, faster will be the movement of the images. You can use decimal numbers.
  • Images Mouse Effect.- You can choose different effect when rollover the mouse.
  • Lightbox.- Activate this option to view the image in lightbox.
  • Matrix style.- 2 different configurations of view.
  • Flash Width.- Width size of the Matrix (flash object). You can use pixels or percentage. For example: 100% or 400px.
  • Flash Height.- Height sixe of the Matrix (flash object). Here, you only can use a value in pixels. For example 400px.
  • Image Links.- Links for each image. Write each link in one line. (backspace)
  • Image titles.- Titles for each image. Write each image in one link. (backspace)
  • Link target.- Target of image links.
Download carousel video gallery, wordpress plugin and widget:


Download includes:
  • Plugin/widget Matrix image gallery with unlimited license (use in all your webs)


Download includes:
  • Ultimate PRO/FULL video gallery.
  • Slider PRO.
  • Carousel video PRO.
  • Matrix PRO.
  • Slider3D PRO.
  • Program conversion of video files (you can convert your video files to flv format which reproduces the slider)
  • Package of over 6000 images and icons
Pack Info & Demos

Plugins with unlimited license (use in all your webs). All plugins can use them as widget.

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