shortcodes generator

With this plugin you can create your own codes and insert them directly from the text editor of your wordpress. There is an administration where you can create and edit your codes or shortcodes and add a button to the text editor to insert in your pages or posts. You can also insert the codes as a widget using the widget that is installed with the plugin. You can insert into your pages or posts the shortcode associated with the code you have written, or writing code directly if you prefer. This plugin / widget is ideal for parts of code that are repeated in more pages, such as menus or submenus and can change the code from the shortcodes without having to go page by page. Download shortcodes generator
  • After downloading the file “” go to your wordpress administration, and in plugin section, add a new plugin uploading. You can also install the plugin manually, unzipping the zip file and uploading the folder “shortcodes-generator” to “your_wordpress/wp-content/plugins/”.
  • After installing and activating the plugin in the menu of your wordpress administration, you will see a new button: “shortcodes-generator”:
  • To create a new shortcode click “Create new shortcode”. You can create and delete as many shortcodes as you want.
  • To display the shortcode in your pages or posts, you have to write this code: [shortcodes ID /] where ID is the ID of the shortcodes to display or use a button to the text editor to insert in your pages or posts.
  • If you want a shortcode as a widget, you have the “shortcodes-generator” widget. Place it anywhere and select the shortcode to display.
  • The management of the shortcodes is very simple.
Compatible up to: 3.3.2