Using sliderpro plugin is very simple:
  • Once purchased and downloaded the file, go to your WordPress administration. Go to the Plugins section and install by upload.
  • Once installed you will appear in the menu of the administration of your wordpress the button “Slider pro”. From this button you can access the administration of the plugin.
  • Within the administration slider can create as many as you want and configure to your liking. Next to each slider displays the code you have to put on your page or post so that the slider is displayed.
  • If you go to your widgets section, you will see a new widget that you can use: “slider pro“. Place the widget wherever you want and configure the images and characteristics of the slider.
  • You can use several sliderpro as a plugin or widget on your website, keeping in mind that you can only use one at a time.
We show several screenshots of the administration of the plugin:

Administration and list of galleries.

List of images, videos and configuration in a gallery.

Change or upload image or video.