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Test version is the same as real version but with a watermark. Video converter software is not included in test version.
Compatible up to: 3.3.2

ULTIMATE PRO. Video Gallery for WordPress. Main features:

  • Unlimited license!!! Use our plugin on as many websites as you want with a single purchase.
  • You can add flv files or youtube videos easily.
  • This download includes a program to convert video files (avi, mpeg, …) to FLV or any other video format (in case you can use with your own videos in your server). Very easy to use and you allow you edit your videos (duration, sound, …)
  • 2 possibilities for thumbnails: automatic creation or select your image using  library of images from your wordpress.
  • You have pictures for the videos, titles, descriptions and more options. List of videos is very easy to manage, lets you add and delete videos, activate them or not, change order and more options.
  • Different design configurations of thumbnails that allow you create different layouts for different pages galleries.
  • Number of rows and columns of thumbnails manageable.
  • Total space allocated for the main video or thumbnails is configurable.
  • Plugin background colors, buttons, titles, descriptions and shades are configurable. You can enter the color manually or use our color palette.
  • Fonts and text sizes are configurable.
  • Youtube videos are loaded in maximum quality and reduced the logo and advertising.
  • Unlimited galleries in the same wordpress.
  • This plugin includes widget to load a gallery as a widget.
Download ultimate video gallery, wordpress plugin and widget:


Download includes:
  • Plugin/widget Ultimate with unlimited license (use in all webs)
  • Converter of video files (you can convert your video files to flv format which reproduces the slider)


Download includes:
  • Ultimate PRO/FULL video gallery.
  • Slider PRO.
  • Carousel video PRO.
  • Matrix PRO.
  • Slider3D PRO.
  • Program conversion of video files (you can convert your video files to flv format which reproduces the slider)
  • Package of over 6000 images and icons
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Plugins with unlimited license (use in all your webs). All plugins can use them as widget.

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